NYU-ASC Summer Research Program

  • What’s the best way to spend your summer learning and experiencing the most iconic city in the world? The NYU-ASC Summer Research Program gives students the opportunity to study at NYU's Manhattan campus and to conduct college-level research.


About NYU-ASC Summer Research Program

The American Scholastic Council (ASC) is excited to announce a new summer program offered in collaboration with New York University. This three-week program, in which students will earn college credit through NYU, includes a college-level research skills course with credit, as well as immerse themselves in the Big Apple.

Students who successfully complete the program will earn one NYU credit and receive a certificate of completion for the NYU-ASC Summer Research Program. Outstanding students may be eligible to receive academic evaluation written by professors and elevated research paper publication services.

This year, the NYU-ASC Summer Research Program will be running from July 23, 2023 to August 12, 2023. Students will stay in NYU residence halls and experience the New York city. Students will have access to campus facilities, including the university library and digital learning tools. Participation in the program will allow students to gain a comprehensive understanding of NYU's institutional culture and historical roots, as well as the opportunity to collaborate with a diverse cohort of peers from around the globe, fostering cross-cultural understanding and expanding their international perspectives.




Important Dates:
  • Duration: 7/23 to 8/12

  • 7/23: Move-in

  • 7/24: Orientation

  • 7/25-8/10: In-classroom lectures and discussion sessions

  • 8/11: Closing ceremony

  • 8/12: Move out

Program Duration:
  • 15 program days (excluding move-in, move-out and weekends);

  • Program days include one orientation day, a program closure event, and 13 days of in-classroom instruction (four hours per day)

  • Research Strategies Course is a credit-bearing NYU course in research strategies for students. The duration of this course is 13 instructional hours taught by professors from different majors. NYU transcript will be provided upon course completion. The research topics are varied.

  • College-level writing and research skills

  • TA Research Workshop

Extracurricular Activites:
  • NYU Campus Tour

  • Nyu Summer Program Activites and Resources

  • Admissions Advisory workshops from New York University and Columbia University

Program location:

Program will be held at New York University's Washington Square campus in Manhattan.




University Level Research Summer Program

The program aims to enhance the academic research abilities and practical experience of all participants. As a collaborative program between NYU and ASC, the program provides students with the most genuine university-level research courses and research resources. After completing the course and meeting the graduation requirements, students will receive the transcripts, course credits, and project certificates. These certificates can provide significant support and proof for students' future academic and educational pursuits.

Research Supervision by Professors from Prestigious Universities

The academic courses will be supervised by professors from renowned universities, providing students with the opportunity to study alongside and receive personalized guidance and support from distinguished scholars in their fields. Under the mentorship of these experts, students can delve deep into their research, explore their academic interests, and gain invaluable knowledge.


Experience In-depth Immersion into NYU Campus Life

The program offers students the opportunity to utilize both the physical and digital academic resources of the university, including the library, and to participate in NYU's summer activities, both on-site and online. These activities provide students with a real-world understanding of life as an international student, offering an authentic research experience.

Lifetime NYU Student Account

Successful applicants will be provided with a permanent NYU student account (NetID), which will maintain a long-term record of their participation in the program and academic transcript. This account can be utilized for future degree or non-degree program applications at NYU, and the experience of the program can be directly transmitted to other programs within NYU's internal system, which avoiding the need for duplicate submissions


Achieve Comprehensive Program Outcomes

Along with official transcripts and course credits, students are expected to produce research achievements, including research papers. Exceptional students may qualify for academic evaluation reports by professors and research paper publication opportunities, both of which could greatly benefit their future academic and research pursuits.

The students are required to select a research topic from diverse areas of expertise and apply to participate in it. Eligible applicants could be high school students and College Students with a strong passion for academic research.



NYU Official Transcript with coures credit
Certificate of completion for the NYU-ASC Summer Research Program
Academic Evaluation issued by professors
Individual Research accomplishment



The students are required to select a research topic from diverse areas of expertise and apply to participate in it. The students must successfully finish the project under the supervision of professors who are affiliated with renowned universities. Upon meeting the graduation requirements, the students will receive one credit for a research skills course at the college-level as evidence of their improved academic research capabilities and experiences.




10 June 2023

Adminsion Requirement:
  • High School Students and College Students

  • International students who are not already in the US on an F-1 or J-1 visa must provide proof of their English language proficiency.

Exemption will be given in the following circumstances:

  • English is your first/primary language

  • Have already completed (at the time of application submission) three or more consecutive academic years in a curriculum where the only language of instruction was English, certified by transcript.

If the last option is appropriate for you, you will be able to submit a copy of a transcript that shows at least 3 full years of instruction at a school taught solely in English as part of your application.

We do not have any minimum test score requirements, but competitive applicants often process:

  • A minimum of 100 on the TOEFL iBT / 7.5 on IETLS Academics / 70 on the PTE Academic / 191 on the Cambridge English Scale / 4.5 on the iTEP / 125 on the Duolingo English Test

Fees for Summer 2023:
  • Tuition & Program Fees: $9,000


    • Professor's research instruction

    • Teaching assistant guidence

    • University course

    • The utilization of campus facilities and university academic resource

    • Project certificate and Campus activity

  • Additional Fees & Housing & Meal Plan: $4,500

How to Participate

The students are required to select a research topic from diverse areas of expertise and apply to participate in it. Eligible applicants could be high school students and College Students with a strong passion for academic research.

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